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Spa Transportation Services in Hewitt, TX & More

Faulty Hot Tub? We'll Fix It!

It's disappointing when you turn on your spa and nothing happens. If yours is defective, call SHORTELL SPA REPAIR for spa transportation services in Hewitt, Texas. We have more than 15 years of experience caring for hot tubs, so we will quickly figure out what's wrong with yours. Once we've isolated the problem, we'll make the necessary repairs to fix it. We also offer spa maintenance services to prevent issues from occurring.

Hot Tub Services

To better serve our customers and their spa needs, we became licensed electricians. If your hot tub isn't heating, has a leak, or if its motor stops or trips the breaker; we come to your property and repair it on the spot. We fix all brands including Morgan™, Sundance™, Master Spas™, and more. You can also call us if you want to relocate your spa. We pick it up, move it and completely install and rewire it.

Custom Maintenance

We offer one-time calls as well as monthly plans for maintenance services. With maintenance plans, we come to your home every so often, as identified by the plan we design with you, to clean and maintain your hot tub.


The state of Texas requires technicians to be licensed to repair hot tubs and spas. Using a professional ensures that your high-voltage spa doesn't hurt anyone, and it ensures that the job is completed properly the first time.

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